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It’s All Striped – Artistic Phone Case



Immerse yourself in art and sophistication with Neron’s “It’s All Striped” phone case, a unique piece from the renowned painter and digital artist, Neron. This exquisite case features four meticulously crafted white balls, each adorned with bold black paint stripes, set against a contrasting backdrop of a marble floor and a red-and-white-striped wall. The dynamic composition and vibrant colors bring Neron’s artistic vision directly to your fingertips, offering a blend of style and protection for your device.


  • Materials: 100% polycarbonate (shell), 100% TPU (lining)
  • Durability: Dual layer case for extra durability and protection
  • Finish: Available with a glossy or matte finish
  • Design: Clear, open ports for connectivity

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